Hello! I am a User Experience Designer newly based out of Long Beach, California. As a creator I am a curious, quick thinking and determined individual who is passionate about understanding the motivations behind human behavior, and finding simple solutions to complex problems. I find that these solutions flow more freely when I am collaborating with a team, talking through my thoughts and bouncing ideas off each other. I enjoy the process of interviewing people and getting to understand their behavior, and then synthesizing that information into something useful by putting myself into their shoes and seeing from their point of view. I have always been curious about the world around me and it was a curiosity about the physical world that led me to studying mechanical engineering at the University of Washington where I learned the science behind how objects interact with each other. Once I had satisfied my curiosity about the mechanics of inanimate objects I realized I am much more interested in people, what is at the root of our behaviors and how we interact with the world and one another. It was this curiosity that led me to the field of User Experience Design, where I can explore my passion. In my free time I can be found appreciating nature and the world around me. I enjoy hiking, camping, travel, pilates and paddle boarding. It is important for me to try new things and have new experiences. My portfolio with examples of my work can be found at https://www.meganhewittdesign.com


Megan Hewitt

I am a User Experience researcher and designer, currently looking for my next job opportunity. MeganHewittUX.com